November is Foundation Month! 
This year, Foundation Month hits differently for District 5970. The August 2020 derecho hit Eastern Iowa hard, leaving Rotarians and community members with damaged roofs, vehicles, workplaces, and trees. In some cases, whole homes were destroyed.
Through the generosity of Rotarians far and wide, District 5970 received a $25,000 disaster grant for derecho recovery in the community.
We also received a Global Grant for $118,500 and $79,000 in district grants to support our work in our communities locally and around the world.
All this is possible because of your donations to the Rotary Foundation.
This month, consider making an annual or monthly gift. Log in to Rotary International to see your donation level or make a new gift. Every dollar helps Rotary make the world a healthier, happier place. And this is a tough year, with everyone feeling the pinch.
Know that you are appreciated, and even $5/month amount through the year adds up when multiplied by the hundreds of Rotarians in our district and the thousands beyond.