Cedar Rapids Sunrise
HyVee - Edgewood Road
5050 Edgewood Road
Cedar Rapids, IA  52411
United States of America

We are ringing for Salvation Army this year on Saturday December 7. 

Sign up HERE to ring at at Hy-Vee located at 5050 Edgewood Rd NE.    Click the box in Time Slot. Submit.  On the next page add your name and email address for a reminder email. 


  1. Two bells and aprons will be waiting for you at the kettle when you arrive. Please be patient if Salvation Army staff is running a few minutes late with first shift delivery. 
  2. After your shift, hand-off to, or place the bells and aprons on the kettle stand for the next ringer.
  3. You are free to leave, even if you have the final shift of the day.
  4. Enjoy yourself!  Smile! Engage those you come into contact with.