Sunrise Rotary Fall Fundraiser is Friday Nov 5.  Lynette has sent donation request forms to all members. Be asking for donations of goods, services, and money. 
Signup and invite your friends - consider buying a table.  Bring in items to auction. 
Our financial costs this year: 
This year our major Club expenses could reach $13,000.  (The board has not yet approved all expenses.)
Past years fundraisers have raised nearly this amount.   We have a challenge to reach! 
Looking at this year expenses (not yet approved by the board):
  • 3 GRANTS to fund this year; Catherine McAuley Center, Aging Services and Child Serve:    $7,367 proposed
  • College SCHOLARSHIPS  $1,500 
  • EXCHANGE STUDENTS (to be decided) $2,800 approx past cost
  • RYLA student awards $400
  • Fall Fundraiser expenses $2-$3,000 for past years
  • Plus AWARDS, all other expense and service activities 
The link to the Eventbrite ticket sales for the Fall auction.
The link to our early-start Facebook Auction.  Bids end at the event.